Pop Music Review

Rising EDM star brings house shattering beats to Georgia Theatre

In a darkened room with the air scented by alcohol and vape smoke, a huddled mass of humanity congregated around the stage at the Georgia Theatre on Saturday, March 18. During the brief burst of light given off by the screens, you could see the jubilant faces of the huddled mass. The views varied from bros hugging each other to girls shaking their posteriors, a classy way to say assess, to hands waving in the air like they just don’t care.

Then TroyBoi from atop the stage, silhouetted by the lights behind him, increased the tempo of the beat until finally releasing that sweet, tasty bass drop. From there, the crowd went wild jumping up in unison and shouting out the name, TroyBoi. And to think, you probably spent that midnight snuggled up in bed.

It takes a great artist to warrant such a reaction from the crowd and TroyBoi is worthy of such admiration. TroyBoi creates electronic dance music, a genre of music that heavily features percussive instruments and is produced for dancing environments. TroyBoi differentiates himself from others by including musical influences such as hip-hop, trap music, and world music into his work calling it “My Style.”

This personal touch makes his music seem finely crafted and not just something a robot could produce. TroyBoi’s music is insanely rhythmic with electronic instruments in the foreground and a drum beat in the back with the occasional rap verse thrown into the mix. His music accomplishes the main goal of EDM, as EDM is not something you listen to, but something you dance to.

The entire experience felt communal as everyone was enraptured by the music and abandoned all their worries through dance. Even I had to put aside my nerdy, note taking persona for a second and engage in a dance battle with some toga wearing, frat bros. Nothing feels quite like standing on a dance floor as the speakers are blaring and the sound waves are moving through your body. For a brief second, you and the music become one and the same.

TroyBoi’s performance of the Mantra tour was an incredible adrenaline rush from start to finish. Now, I’m not one that frequently attends EDM concerts, so maybe that adrenaline rush came partly from the novelty of it all. However, I still can’t get over witnessing the crowd throw themselves at TroyBoi while he was delivering some of the freshest beats this side of the Milky Way. You would be hard-pressed to find a greater three-hour distraction from your troubles than this concert.