Entrepreneurial Journalism


During my 2015 fall semester at the University of Georgia, I participated in a course called entrepreneurial journalism. In the course, we had to come up with an idea for a media company and then develop a business plan to support the company. We started the class by working in groups and operating like a think tank. Where each student would list off their potential ideas and assess whether there could be a viable company based on their idea.

For my media company, I proposed a website called Game Spectator which would offer news about the growing world of e-sports (electronic sports) and highlight women and people of color within this facet of entertainment. From there, I drafted a business plan outlining who was the target audience, what’s our competitive advantage, what’s the cost of operation, and how do we plan to earn a profit. At the end of the course, we had to summarize the points made in our business plan into a pitch deck and then present that pitch deck to the class.

Following that course, in Spring 2015, I had the opportunity to pitch my media company idea in the UGA Next Top Entrepreneur competition.  This was such a great learning experience because not only did I learn how to deliver a pitch in front of a group of business leaders. I also learned how to properly work within a small group as each of us had different responsibilities in order to make the business idea viable for the judges from explaining the concept to estimating the target audience size.

You can watch the video of the pitch session here: